Meet The Team

    • Durum

    " I have developed in fortis which is you choosing to survive adversity while I choose to fight it.”

    What are your long term Professional and Personal Goals?

    Building an apparel manufacturing company based out of Nigeria, focused on building bold brands. 

    • Spencer

    “I’ve learned to continue to conquer here from my past experience with my battalion in the army.”

    What do you enjoy most about being apart of this team?

    Being able to have the opportunity to grow as a leader and much more as a person.

    • Terrell

     “I have kept gallantry to be courageous and noble minded. I have the courage to step out of my comfort zone. It takes courage to stop making excuses and to take control of your life. Use humility and turn a no into a yes.” 

    What were some of your core values that stuck with you in tough times? 

    Perseverance and uplift each day.

    • Tatiana

    What do you enjoy most about being apart of this team?

    Beside the endless opportunity, the genuine friends I have made through the team culture and bonding that I am apart of, each day. 

    • Chris

    What do you enjoy most about being apart of this team?

    How inclusive we all are and having a support system to one another. This team is what pushed me to be better and to do better as well. 

    • Manny

    “I will have determination, resilience, integrity, victory and excellence in everything that I do.”

    What is your short-term professional goal?

    Make it into Field Management. 

    • Hatch

    “I enlighten myself to new opportunities so I can continue to be better in every way possible.” 

    What do you enjoy most about being apart of this team?

    Surrounded by like minded people that strive to be better, just as I am.

    • Mark

    What do you enjoy most about being apart of this team?

    How supportive of each other’s professional and personal goals. When the work day is done, we continue to encourage our team members to be their best!

    • Jenna

    “I have focused on a fortitude mindset which is consistently overcoming adversity and fear with courage.”

    What have you learned here to make you better?

    I have learned so much, but the main components are if you work hard, and it’s OK to fail as long as your constantly getting better from it. I can only build on my strengths, identify my weaknesses to make them strengths and to just be myself. 

    • Guy

    “Here I have conquered the adversity I have faced and used it to transform into a better version of myself.”  

    What success have you achieved within the company?

    I have exposed the weakness within myself that I was blind to and have been given the opportunity everyday to conquer and rise above.

    • Tony

    “I have learned to find my direction. When I started I didn’t know what this was going to bring to me, but along the way I keep on finding myself and getting closer to who I want to be.”

    What is a fun fact about yourself?

    I wish I was born in the 80’s to be surrounded by iconic music when it was first made. 

    • Xavian

    What success have you achieved within the company?

    The success I have achieved so far is being completely out of my comfort zone and being more than OK with that. 

    • Orion

    “I have made my course of unrelenting force that continues to gather momentum and I am not stopping until I am successful.”

    What have you achieved within the company?

    Running my own course to get promoted, and not losing the momentum to push myself further.

    • Sebass

    “Learning to make sacrifices as a leader, even at my own expense. That way I can put my team in the best position to win.”

    What is the next step in your career?

    To still continue in the program and get into a Management position, to still push myself out of my comfort zone and embrace the challenges of the unfamiliar. 

    • Caroline

    "I've learned tenacity here, which is proven by my determination, persistence and strength of purpose."

    What has been your greatest accomplishment within the company so far?

    Being able to get promoted and to help develop others. I have learned so much about this team and so much more about myself.