Tips and Tricks to Be Ahead of the Holidays and Successful Each Day!

Author: Primus Management Group |

Primus Management Group

Here are some Highlights Below:

-Ways you can stay ahead of the game through the Holidays

-Planning Ahead each day/week:

-You need to plan and create

-Add/work in interruptions onto our daily task

-Holiday season doesn't have to be stressful if you don't make it stressful!

-Don't wait for the Holidays to be here, start now!

1. Interruptions-Know what they are to prepare for them

In order to be prepared for these interruptions, first you need tell yourself ahead of time “there are going to be interruptions!” It’s life, they will always be there, so take time to plan so your taking time to stay in control. Distractions could be:

-Extra or random projects from Managers and Team.

-Social Media-What are my friends up to or planning, suffering from FOMO

-Email newsletters for shopping and last minute Holiday sales for the impulsive side in all of us. Last minute gifts.

-Friends want to go out and plan fun nights

-Quarter 4, is a time for getting everything done last minute. So make a Game Plan. This is best time to get through your toughest workload.

Remember to not give into these interruptions! Be stronger in your day for you and your team.

2. Don’t take work home

-Plan ahead within your day to see what your day is going to look like and anticipate some challenges that may come up along the way. Be proactive and not reactive.

-Hit your mini goals early so you don’t play catch up until 5 o’clock. Do a midday break down at lunch to see where your at in the day to adjust goals to make sure they get hit before you leave. Break the day down into smaller portions to make your day and goals more obtainable to hit.

-Get to the office early! Set your game-plan from the start of your day to be successful from the moment you wake up. It’s going to be daylight savings, mornings will be sunny, take advantage and get up and set yourself up for success. No time in the day to play catch up.

-Use your free time at home to relax and be rested up for your productive day tomorrow. Use it wisely to spend with friends and family. Plan out your gatherings and parties in a planner to be organized for the Holidays. Know what's happening and when, along with work parties, team events and philanthropy projects.

-Use your off hours to get stuff done you cant during the day. Be successful in work, and you will be successful out of work. Accomplish those great habits for a more balanced life.

-Get a morning routine perfected is just as important as an afternoon routine. Same thing, day in and out to create habits that will evolve into second nature. Habits take time, but consistency is the key to get them worked into your schedule.

3. Make your to-do lists!!

-Love your To-do lists so you can turn them into a To-done List. Everyday, with every little thing you have going on should be on there. From at home to work, this keeps you focused and ready to take on the task at hand. Know what your day will look like and how you want to get it done.

-Set your goals up for the day and know what you want to accomplish.

-Feel accomplished when you check things off and be PROUD of what you’ve done.

-Use this is the time to network. Read a book, article or even watch a Ted Talks. Be relevant with information and share it with others. Not sure how to approach a problem? That's what our extensive management team is here for. To help set our employees up with support and tools to grow and succeed as a team.

4. Take care of yourself-Easier said than done, but it's IMPORTANT.

-It’s easy to forget about yourself especially when your doing stuff for everyone else! You are important, make sure you take care of you. Great way to build confidence because when you look good, you'll be unstoppable.

-This is the time you can get sick, so make sure you rest up. Sickness spreads easily in the office so be careful and stay on top of sickness before it spreads.

-Drink Emergen C, keep up with vitamins or even health tea's, just to name a couple.

-Self medicate yourself (yoga, meditation, Reading, small TV binge.) This is so important. Find something that gives you peace in your week, and just go do it. Revitalization is never underestimated. Burnouts are real and it doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone.

-Healthy Habits- Eating a well balanced lunch. Actually having lunch and not a snack. Have snacks throughout the day, if you need to. And always Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

We don’t expect perfection that's why we are here to help our employees. You might forget to take care of yourself but there is time to act now. No, not tomorrow today. How are you making yourself 1% each day?